Something about the upcoming TH8 War Base Update

Hi Guys It’s Dhimas and I’m going to share my experience because I don’t see this post yet. After December Update we can donate 1 dark spell to our mate for CC lv.4. This is a big advantage for accomplishing a battle. Poison spell had reviewed before, and this is a few guide for using this spell.

For more details, please take a look at this thread:


Town Hall 8 War Base Layout for dealing with Hog Riders

Choosing your Army Composition
(Recruiting your Warriors)

For Compact bases, I recommend using more of hogs and less of wizards.
So an idealistic composition would be like 31 hogs, 9 wizards and like 8 archers or so.


For Slightly Spread out bases, I recommend slightly less hogs and a few more wizards, lets say, for example 29 Hogs, 11 wizards and 11 archers.

STEP 3- Choosing your Clan Castle troops and Spells
(Gathering up a solid Support)

You can either use 5x Maxed out Hogs or a mixture of say 3x Hogs, 2 Wizards and 2 Archers.

Coming to spells, I use 3 Heal Spells like in a normal mass hog raid and a Poison spell to kill the defender’s CC Troops. That’s a really good combination, you can experiment on Spell combinations, but I recommend the above Spell Composition.

STEP 4- Scouting
(Knowing your Enemy)

Decent Scouting is a must-do beforr Hog raids.
Things to look for in target’s base-
1) CC Range
2) Barbarian King Range
3) Any obvious Giant Bomb or DGB spots
4) Any obvious Tesla Spots
5) Any loopholes in the defenses
6) A place where you can lure out the enemy CC troops to kill em.

STEP 5- Attacking and Troops Deployment
(Action Time, No looking back now)

1) Start by luring out the CC Troops by Using a Single Hog, a couple of em or using an archer either.

2) Deploy a Poison on the CC Troops and wait till its job is nearly done. Now, lure the troops to the side of base and kill em using wizards and archers if they still have any health left after the poison dose.

3) Start deploying Hogs in bunches of 3-4 each, near each defense as shown

4) Drop Heal Spells for the group of Hogs that have taken damage from defenses or are near a hero.

5) Once the Hogs finish most of the defense clearing job, Deploy Wizards and Heroes for Cleanup duties.

6) Watch them take the base apart and witness the final outcome.

STEP 6- Conclusion
(It all ends here)

Defeat, 1 Star, 2 Star or a 3 Star, whatever you obtained, try to watch your replays and pick up your mistakes. Be aware not to commit them again next time.
Like other strategies, it demands practice and once you become a seasoned player using this strategy, no one can block you way to a glorious victory, Chief.

Hope this guide helps you all to learn a new strategy or to improvise your existing skills somehow.